Your local home improvement store might have some pressure washing equipment up for sale. This equipment might look like a great deal to buy. After all who doesn’t want to take all that dust and grime away from their house’s exterior!

However, doing the pressure washing by yourself isn’t recommended, and there are some dangers of you try to DIY this task. Here is why you should never try DIY pressure washing.

Water Damage

A good quality pressure bought from home improvement store can blast water with pressures greater than 1300 to 3000 PSI or even greater. High pressure settings on these pressure washers are enough to damage hardwood easily if you aren’t experienced enough to handle things professionally. This can cause tears to develop in your house’s foundations, and these tears can allow water to seep into the foundations.

If water succeeds to make its way into your building’s foundation, it can lead to mold growth. This mold can later make its way into the drywall or plaster to cause stains.

Debris Clean Up After Washing

The debris that is formed by pressure washing won’t disappear on its on. Instead, it can create a big mess in your house. This can cause the water in your pool to become dirty.

Cleanup after pressure washing your house can become a headache, and you’ll take a whole day to clean what a professional can handle in under 2 hours. So, you better leave the pressure washing thing to the experts to enjoy your free time with family while they work hard to clean your house perfectly.

Injury By Tumbling

Again, the pressure of water coming put of the nozzle of a pressure washer can be enormous, and it can push the ladder to send you back on the ground. This can cause serious injuries. That is why you should hire plexperts like to pressure wash your house securely.