Despite their reported benefits, some types of incense can actually be bad for your health, and can create various complications. The scent given off by burning incense can actually smell and feel good when you are doing meditation excercises.

However, some latest studies suggest that burning incense indoors can actually prove to be counterproductive, and decrease mental connectivity instead of boosting it. It can also help increase the spread of COVID-19.

So, let’s take a look at why burning incense indoors, and buying legal high spice spray for sale can actually be a bad idea.

Bad For Brain

Independent studies have found out that burning incense regularly in the interior of your house can cause your mental connectivity to become worse in the long run. Along with the sweet aroma, various air pollutants are also released from the burning of incense. These pollutants can make your cognitive aging process faster. This can also increase an old person‘s chances of contacting brain related diseases.

Faster Spread of Viruses

Since the burning process of incense releases lots of tiny particles into the year, it can actually accelerate the transmission of viruses like COVID-19 and others from one person to the other. Burning it can also cause pregnant women to experience high blood pressure too often. It can even be bad for the mental health of newborn children.

Bad Indoor Air Quality

Along with the pleasant smell it creates, incense can also deteriorate the air quality indoors. That is because lots of pollutants are released when you burn incense indoors.

So, before you choose incense to burn it indoors, consider what you’re going to do carefully. You might love to try some alternatives instead. Moreover, if you are using intense already, and suffering from some of the above mentioned health effects, you should visit your doctor immediately.