Have you ever wondered what the most populous species in the world might be? It can be easy to assume that this honor belongs to humans since there are nearly eight billion of us and our numbers are increasing every single year, but this is a rather myopic view that fails to recognize the numerous other high population species in the world once all has been said and is now out of the way. If you really want to know what species has the most individuals on the planet, this label can most certainly be applied to ants.

The reason behind this is that each unique type of ant can have anywhere from billions to even trillions of members in its population, although some of these species might be more harmful to you than might have been the case otherwise. Carpenter ants might just be the most invasive ant species that we know of, and only the very best Carpenter Ant Removal | BBEC can give you a helping hand in mitigating their otherwise uncontrollable growth.

One thing that can help you to differentiate carpenter ants from other species is their size. These ants are twice as big as regular ants, and they also have black or red bodies which should distinguish them even further. Ants can be a nuisance if you are trying to enjoy a lovely picnic with your friends and loved ones, but carpenter ants are annoying on a whole other level. They can bore massive holes in the wood that you are trying to work with and are therefore obstacles that you should work on doing away with instead of wasting further time all in all.