The definition of a perfect bitcoin trading strategy varies according to the personal needs, preferences and capital of every investor. There are a number of different popular platforms that help implement various strategies. However, some of them have everything in needs to be a good platform.

Before starting, we’d like to mention the platform called bitcoin loophole, it can provide you with a lot of different features to help you win big even with a small capital. For more information, you can read any popular bitcoin loophole review to get the best idea of the process. In the strategies mentioned below, we’ll tell you how you cam properly use an excellent platform like bitcoin loophole.


Hodling basically refers to a process in which you retain your current position in the market in spite of the prices of that currency decreasing or abruptly fluctuating. In this method, you simply hold a digital asset for a long period of time and let it grow in price.

Due to the extremely volatile nature of bitcoin, you can’t implement the Hodling strategy on it since the risk factor is very high.


Hedging is as great trading technique that you cam use to trade bitcoin in the market because of the constantly decreasing price.

If the price of bitcoin goes below your buying point, then you can sell the bitcoin for a comparatively higher price, and when the price goes lower, you can buy the same quantity back. This allows you to take profit without altering your holdings.

Trend Trading

Trend trading is a term that refers to a type of trading in which you follow specific price trends of bitcoin the market to make a profit. You simply detect a trend in its beginning, open a position, wait for it to mature and then close the position to get a considerably larger profit towards the end of the trend. Platforms like bitcoin loophole can help you identify the upcoming trends in a better way.