In some parts of the world, they say that tap water is clean enough to drink but we really recommend against it. We don’t doubt your local water filtering plant’s ability to provide clean water to your taps but there can still be contamination in the water along the way before it reaches you. Tap water can have too many metals and hard minerals in it from the pipes, for example. Drinking poor quality water can be very damaging to your health, which is why it’s best to not take a chance with the quality of water that your family drinks.

The smart way of consuming water is to filter it at home. Water filtration systems aren’t too costly to buy and the benefit they provide is really hard to pass. There are many types of water filters for you to choose yours from, so confusion is inevitable but ultimately, you just need one that can clean water for you using osmosis filtration. Since your tap water is already filtered to some degree, you only have to make sure that the extra contamination doesn’t reach you. Water filters that fit your tap can do the job just fine for you.

If you aren’t sure of just how poor the quality of your water is, then you can get your water tested at a lab for contaminants so you can pick out a filter accordingly. If your water has harmful bacteria in it, then you might want to invest in a filter with UV light that kills bacteria. The best water filter for your home will be one that keeps your water healthy for you to drink. If your water smells bad or is cloudy, then you don’t need a lab to know that your water isn’t the best quality for consumption.