The idea of trying for a baby means that you and your partner have to be physically intimate more often, and while the idea of physical intimacy sounds great every single night, it can actually be really stressful and frustrating. A lot of couples think that they just need to be trying every single night, and when they are doing that and not getting any results, then they are bound to get frustrated from the process. However, what they do not know is that the key to a successful pregnancy is not to engage in the act all the time, rather, it is to try the most during days when you are most fertile.

All women have a natural period cycle, and this involves the weeks before the period, the ovulation phase, the actual period, and then the time after the period. Out of this 28-day cycle, the ovulation phase is only happening for a few days during a certain week, and this is usually 2 weeks after the previous period ended. When a woman is ovulating, the egg is in the uterus and is more likely to accept any sperm cells that might make their way inside, leading to a successful attempt. Now, you can choose to keep track of your ovulation phase either by doing it yourself manually or using a phone application to track it for you. However, if you are someone that has irregular cycles or does not have the time to do it manually themselves, then you can opt for a fertility bracelet. It is a device that you wear and you let it track your fertility in real-time, and then let you know when you are ovulating. If you are interested, you can learn more about Ava bracelets by looking them up online on different websites and checking out their reviews by previous customers.