We Muslims read the Quran for so many reasons, it is not just a regular book for us but it is holy and divine, it is the ultimate guidance manual provided to us directly from the Almighty through our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, it is our duty to learn how to read the Quran with tajweed in Arabic, understand what it says and apply that into our daily lives, since Arabic is not our first language we might struggle with it, some take it like a duck to water because of their fluency in Arabic but many of us would struggle, online Quran academies are there to help us out no matter where we live currently. Following are the situations where online Quran classes are the best and most probably only option for you,

When you have a really tight schedule: If you are someone who is always running on a tight schedule and your job or work does not allow you a lot of time, then learning Quran online is the best option or may be the only possible option.

When you can’t find a teacher elsewhere: Availability of a teacher is not possible at all times and places, the only option then left is to enroll yourself in an online Quran academy.

When you want a qualified teacher: Online Quran academies have teachers who are qualified and have proper certifications and that is very important because you are trusting them with such an important thing.

When you want to learn from the best: certified online teachers who are friendly and have the right experience know all about how to handle you, if you are a beginner then they will guide you through the early days which are really tough, not every teacher would show that sort of patience, so when you want to learn Quran online with Tajweed, make sure you are getting in touch with a reputable online academy.