With the help of unique features like 24/7 availability, impeccable customer support, and experience, junk removal services like GOT JUNK can easily remove all the junk off your property at an affordable price.

Pros And Cons

Just like any other business, the junk removal business has its own benefits and drawbacks as well.

For example, most of the companies will provide you with full service junk removal, proper recycling and disposal of junk, instant service, and 24/7 availability with a wide coverage area.

However, you cannot get demolition services from a junk removal company, and most of them won’t even provide you with instant free estimates for junk removal near me.


Usually, if you calculate your junk by the number of trucks the junk removal service loads from your property, you might have to pay $600 for a full truck of junk, or $400 for a half truck.

However, if you are looking to get rid of one item, the price of the junk removal service will depend on the weight and dimensions of that particular item. A sofa, let’s say, will cost you around $177 to remove. Similarly sized items might cost you the same amount of money.

So, we can confidently say that the price of a junk removal service highly depends on the size and weight of junk you have.

Why Junk Removal Services?

Why do you even need to hire a junk removal service provider? Why can’t every homeowner remove their junk on their own? Well, that is because in order to manually remove all the junk from your property, you will need lots of help from your friends and family members, who might be busy with other tasks. Moreover, you will have to go through lots of permits, and might even have to hire a truck to get rid of the junk. All of these tasks combined might cost you more money than what a junk removal service provider will charge you.