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The whole point of living life on this planet is that you would more than likely be looking into finding a romantic partner that you can use to stave of the loneliness that is most often incorporated into human existence whether we like it or not. The best way for you to start getting a romantic partner that would come over and make you feel better about the direction in which your life is headed at this current point in time would be to ask someone or the other out on a date, but bear in mind that if you are considering doing something of this sort there are certain necessary steps that you should most definitely consider taking if you think about such matters with a clear enough point of view.

Perhaps the most crucial thing for you to consider when you are about to ask someone out is whether your home is clean enough for them to come over. You might be asking this person to come over directly so that you can cook for them, or you might hope to get lucky during your night out and make it so that they would want to spend the night with you. Whatever the case may be in your particular circumstance, you should definitely try to learn more about pressure washing because it can do quite a lot to help things go in the direction that you undoubtedly hope without a shadow of a doubt.

Your date would not want to stay very long if they see that your home is unclean, so as a result of the fact that this is the case pressure washing can be quite helpful.

Slushies are a common summer childhood memory for a lot of us. Sure, it was artificially flavored and almost chemical in the test, but we all enjoyed it just the same. Now, as adults, we can still experience those slushy summer memories with frozen cocktails, and who do not want an alcoholic slushy on a hot summer day?

Frozen cocktails have a bad reputation amongst people only because most people use bottom-shelf liquor and cheap flavorings which ends up watering down the experience. This is why we will reintroduce better versions of a number of classics and help you start loving frozen cocktails.

#1 Daiquiri

We are going to start this list off with a frozen daiquiri, and then possible versions and variants that you can incorporate into your cocktail hour. A daiquiri can be considered the ultimate purist cocktails since it involves a mixture of rum, sugar and lime juice. However, in order to really up to the experience, using a dark rum and opting for other sweeteners like turbinado sugar can result in a more flavorful frozen daiquiri.

A frozen strawberry daiquiri can also be great for summers, and it involves two strawberries, rum, lime juice, a pinch of salt and a splash of simple syrup. Different rums will react differently to strawberries so taste and adjust it to your liking as you are making the daiquiri.

If you want to make a sweet peach with green tea and white pepper frozen daiquiri, you will once again keep the same base, but you will add fresh peach, green tea and white paper infused with your simple syrup as well. The contrast between the sweet fruit and the pepper and green tea makes for a truly unbeatable taste.

If you are looking for a sharper daiquiri which has a bit more bite to it, then you can replace half an ounce of rum with Fernet Branca, another spirit that is known for its minty bitter taste. So, if you happen to enjoy bitter and more mint-forward cocktails, then a frozen fernet daiquiri is the way to go for you.

#2 Frozen Gin And Tonic

Cocktails do not have to be sweet, and that is why this frozen gin and tonic recipe is available for people who want a more assertive drink. However, when you are making a frozen variant of a gin and tonic, you want to make sure that you use tonic syrup instead of tonic water, because tonic water will ruin the balance of the frozen drink.

#3 Frozen Pina Colada

Using ripe, frozen pinapple and frozen coconut cream will create a very natural and fresh frozen cocktail, and there will be no risk of the cocktail watering down since the ingredients themselves will be blended frozen instead of requiring ice which ultimately ruins the balance of a frozen cocktails as it melts.

#4 Blood And Sand

Scotch can also end up creating an interesting frozen variant of classical blood and sand. Again, like with gin and tonic, for the frozen version of this cocktail, we will replace the orange juice and cherry heering with Grand Marnier and Luxardo syrup for a stronger flavor.

We can all go to the market and pick up a box of frozen ravioli the same way we can grab a packet of instant ramen or mac n cheese, however, the difference between the convenience store versions of these meals in contrast to making them fresh is pretty huge, and while the convenience store versions are quicker to make and not bad taste-wise, they cannot be compared to fresh homemade pasta.

Making your own ravioli is actually a relatively quick and simple procedure, and if you somehow manage to have extra ravioli leftover, you can actually freeze it as well, and then make it again on a later date. Having a ravioli cutter or maker can make the process even simpler as well.

Making ravioli of any kind requires the same ingredients for the actual pasta itself with includes eggs, salt, water, all-purpose water, and a hand-cranked pasta-maker. With fillings, you can opt for a bunch of different options like plain egg yolks, experiment with different cheeses and sauces and so on. Now, regardless of your filling or how experienced or inexperienced you are with making ravioli, you need to make sure to adhere to a few basic rules which are as follows:

  • Avoid fillings that might be too wet. So, this includes butter, cream, stock, oil or anything that can make your dough lose and watery.
  • Always prepare your fillings from scratch, and make sure that they have enough seasoning and flavor to hold its own, even without the pasta. Once your filling is made, be generous when you are adding it to your ravioli.
  • You need to pay attention to the dough and make sure that it is not too thick or thin for the filling.
  • When you are pressing your two sheets of pasta on top of each other and pressing them down, you want to make sure you stamp them down enough to avoid any potential air bubbles.

Once you are done with making your dough, you want to tightly wrap it in plastic and let it rest for at least 20-30 minutes. After resting your dough, you want to start passing it through the pasta machine. You have to keep rolling your dough out over and over again until it is 1/16th of an inch, and this will require you to go up till the last setting on the pasta machine. Once you are done rolling out the dough on the pasta machine, you want to flour your surface before laying the dough on top of it. Rolling out your pasta sheet with a rolling pin should be enough to smoothen its surface before placing the sheet into the ravioli mold or maker.

You will use the ravioli making to create depressions along with your sheet which will automatically become the base of your ravioli. Once you are done creating the base, you will add your filling, and after that, you will place the second layer of dough on top of the first, and then use the ravioli maker on top to once again create depressions in the top sheet. Once that is done, you will use a fork to press down on the edges of the ravioli to stamp out air bubbles.

Once your ravioli is done, all you have to do is place it in a pot of boiling water for up to three minutes, and then serve along with your sauce of choice.

Freeze dried fruit is almost like the secret ingredient to making the most flavorful and fresh ice cream. It really is a game changer because it adds all the perfect fruity flavor without compromising on the texture of the ice cream. In case you are not familiar with freeze dried fruit, then we can simply describe them as frozen fruit, minus any natural water content in the fruit. There is no sugar added in the fruits to preserve them either, and the result of a fruit going through the freeze drying process is bright and flavorful fruit that can be ground into a dry and fine powder. The fact that the fruit becomes dehydrated fine powder is what allows it to be incorporated into liquids and desserts without any risk of ruining the dessert’s level of sweetness, or overall consistency.

While it might be tempting to use fresh fruits and purees, they are recommended to be kept reserved as toppings only, since incorporating them in your ice cream base is most likely to result in either bland, overly sweet and/or icy ice cream.

This recipe calls for blueberries, but you can substitute blueberries for any freeze-dried fruits that are available in the grocery stores near you. Examples of different stores include Whole Foods, Kroger and Trader’s Joe’s to name a few.

To start of the recipe, you first create the base, which is essentially a Swiss meringue. Now, Swiss meringue is a mixture of egg whites and sugar, along with the addition of either cream of tartar or lemon juice in order to balance the amount of sugar present in the meringue. You are then supposed to whip the mixture until it is thick and glossy forming peaks.

Once the neutral meringue base is made, you need to add traditionally whipped cream since it is still lighter compared to food process whipped cream. You can add the freeze-dried fruit, which in the case of this recipe is freeze-dried blueberries, into the whipped cream as well. After this, you can choose to have add-ins like spices or herbs like thyme, mint, cinnamon, etc. in your whipped cream as well depending on your preferences.

After you have flavored your whipped cream, you slowly incorporate your meringue into the whipped cream little-by-little and making sure that you fold the mixture every time you add more meringue. During this step, you can also choose to add a splash of flavored alcohol like coconut rum, limoncello, and other spirits, etc.

Once your meringue and whipped cream are nicely incorporated into each other, you transfer the entire mixture into a non-reactive container. You then cover the surface of the ice cream with a plastic wrap, then add a layer of aluminum foil.

It will take approximately 6-8 hours till your ice cream properly sets and can be eaten, and during this 6-8 hour period, your ice cream will not only deepen with color but will also increase the depth of flavor in your ice cream as well. After the designated waiting period has passed, you will have a lovely flavorful ice cream that will be perfect during the summer months.