Slushies are a common summer childhood memory for a lot of us. Sure, it was artificially flavored and almost chemical in the test, but we all enjoyed it just the same. Now, as adults, we can still experience those slushy summer memories with frozen cocktails, and who do not want an alcoholic slushy on a hot summer day?

Frozen cocktails have a bad reputation amongst people only because most people use bottom-shelf liquor and cheap flavorings which ends up watering down the experience. This is why we will reintroduce better versions of a number of classics and help you start loving frozen cocktails.

#1 Daiquiri

We are going to start this list off with a frozen daiquiri, and then possible versions and variants that you can incorporate into your cocktail hour. A daiquiri can be considered the ultimate purist cocktails since it involves a mixture of rum, sugar and lime juice. However, in order to really up to the experience, using a dark rum and opting for other sweeteners like turbinado sugar can result in a more flavorful frozen daiquiri.

A frozen strawberry daiquiri can also be great for summers, and it involves two strawberries, rum, lime juice, a pinch of salt and a splash of simple syrup. Different rums will react differently to strawberries so taste and adjust it to your liking as you are making the daiquiri.

If you want to make a sweet peach with green tea and white pepper frozen daiquiri, you will once again keep the same base, but you will add fresh peach, green tea and white paper infused with your simple syrup as well. The contrast between the sweet fruit and the pepper and green tea makes for a truly unbeatable taste.

If you are looking for a sharper daiquiri which has a bit more bite to it, then you can replace half an ounce of rum with Fernet Branca, another spirit that is known for its minty bitter taste. So, if you happen to enjoy bitter and more mint-forward cocktails, then a frozen fernet daiquiri is the way to go for you.

#2 Frozen Gin And Tonic

Cocktails do not have to be sweet, and that is why this frozen gin and tonic recipe is available for people who want a more assertive drink. However, when you are making a frozen variant of a gin and tonic, you want to make sure that you use tonic syrup instead of tonic water, because tonic water will ruin the balance of the frozen drink.

#3 Frozen Pina Colada

Using ripe, frozen pinapple and frozen coconut cream will create a very natural and fresh frozen cocktail, and there will be no risk of the cocktail watering down since the ingredients themselves will be blended frozen instead of requiring ice which ultimately ruins the balance of a frozen cocktails as it melts.

#4 Blood And Sand

Scotch can also end up creating an interesting frozen variant of classical blood and sand. Again, like with gin and tonic, for the frozen version of this cocktail, we will replace the orange juice and cherry heering with Grand Marnier and Luxardo syrup for a stronger flavor.